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The Grounds

secluded, sylvan & extensive

The grounds at Sylvan Ridge Farm are second to none in the area, whether as an event venue or a vacation rental. Right outside the farmhouse doors lie the wraparound porch, butterfly garden, lush lawns, in-ground pool, hot tub, and fire ring, all overlooking the view of the Delaware River Valley and Kittatinny Mountains beyond. Surrounding all this are 193 acres of privately owned Pocono mountainside, protected as conservation land in perpetuity. Guests enjoy exclusive access to this pristine forest, complete with three marked trails of varying difficulty that beckon to hikers, mountain bikers, hunters, birdwatchers, and nature lovers of all kinds.

Our landscaping vision was to create a variety of inviting spaces where groups of any size can gather and enjoy their tranquil surroundings. Guests can relax in vintage rocking chairs on the porch and enjoy the view, or sunbathe poolside on the 600-square-foot stone patio below. The butterfly garden around the corner, filled with sweet-smelling blossoms from spring through fall, is the perfect spot to hide away with a good book. Those looking for adventure simply need to choose one of several trailheads and wander off for a hike. In the evening, everyone can reconvene around a roaring bonfire and watch as the stars come out. Not a bad way to spend a day!

The seasonal breakdown below uses climate information from Weather Spark.

January & February


  • Snow cover more likely than not

  • Ave. daytime highs between 34-41° F

  • Sunrise at 6:30-7:30; sunset at 4:40-5:50

  • Peak time for:

    • eagle-spotting along the Delaware

    • cross-country & downhill skiing

    • snowshoeing

    • animal tracks in the snow

    • frozen waterfalls

    • stargazing from the hot tub

    • cuddling up by a roaring fire

March &


Late winter - early spring

  • Melting snow/rain/mud possible

  • Ave. daytime highs between 41-65° F

  • Sunrise at 6:00-6:50; sunset at 5:50-7:50

  • Peak time for:

    • whitewater rafting​ on the Delaware

    • cooler hikes without the crowds

    • animal tracks along the creek

    • roaring waterfalls

    • black bear sightings

    • early spring blooms (magnolia, cherry, redbud, crocus, daffodil)

May &


late spring - early summer

  • Rain/thunderstorms possible

  • Ave. daytime highs between 65-80° F

  • Sunrise at 5:25-5:55; sunset at 7:55-8:35

  • Peak time for:

    • canoeing/kayaking on the Delaware

    • fishing

    • hiking

    • baby animal sightings

    • strawberry picking​

    • late spring blooms (apple, dogwood, rhododendron, lilac, iris, peony)

          July &          August


  • Drier; some scattered thunderstorms

  • Ave. daytime highs between 77-82° F

  • Sunrise at 5:30-6:30; sunset at 7:35-8:35

  • Peak time for:

    • lazy floats down the Delaware

    • swimming

    • sunbathing by the pool

    • local events

    • blueberry picking​

    • summer blooms (hibiscus, yarrow, Russian sage, bluebeard, astilbe)

September & October

late summer - early fall

  • Often windy; thunderstorms possible

  • Ave. daytime highs between 56-77° F

  • Sunrise at 6:30-7:30; sunset at 5:50-6:30

  • Peak time for: 

    • canoeing/kayaking on the Delaware​

    • fishing

    • hiking

    • local events

    • apple & pumpkin picking

    • fall foliage (maple, birch, beech, hickory, walnut, locust)

November & December

Late fall - early winter

  • Early snows possible

  • Ave. daytime highs between 36-55° F

  • Sunrise at 6:30-7:30; sunset at 4:30-4:50

  • Peak time for:

    • hunting​

    • cooler hikes without the crowds

    • holiday festivities

    • star-gazing from the hot tub

    • cuddling up by a roaring fire

    • late fall foliage (oak, sycamore); holly berries turning red

January morning view from the master bedroom

Fisher tracks in snow on the property

Freshly fallen snow at dusk

Nearby Lower Indian Ladder Falls in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

February sunset behind the farmhouse

The butterfly garden & fire ring in early April

Nearby Shohola Falls in March

A curious black bear ambling along the edge of the farmhouse lawn

Raccoon tracks along the bank of our remote creek

The pool area and barn in mid-April, cherry & magnolia in full display

The trails are never more pleasant than in early fall

Apple picking at one of the many orchards within a short drive of the farm

Nearby Silverthread Falls in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

The farm entrance is wreathed in gold starting in late September

Summer blooms surround the house, cottage, and barn

July is wild blueberry season in the forest surrounding the farm

Dingmans Falls' gentle summer flow in the nearby Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

Butterflies love the flower beds & meadow

Golden hour in August

Warmer days can bring dense fog

Flocks of wild turkeys are a common sighting through the late fall

Sunset views improve mightily once the leaves have fallen

The final vestiges of fall foliage last into early November

By December, all the leaves are gone and snows are fairly common

Apple blossoms and budding leaves in early May

One of many tranquil spots along the Sylvan Ridge Farm trails

Late May/early June blossoms everywhere you look

Nearby falls & swimming hold along Raymondskill Creek in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

Pool open and ready to go by Memorial Day

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